Non-Senior Care

Rachel was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome while her Mum Louise was still pregnant. But Rachel's condition has never affected her determined spirit and keen sense of independence. As she entered her twenties, it was this independence that allowed Joe and Louise to help their daughter to move into her own apartment. Rachel's parents knew that she needed a little more supervision and assistance than a typical young adult. They also knew that their daughter would become defiant if she felt her parents were checking on her too often. That's why Joe and Louise introduced Rachel to Lisa.

Lisa is a Right at Home carer, who calls at Rachel's apartment to make sure that she doesn't need anything and that things are going well. Rachel loves Lisa's visits. The two of them spend a couple of hours together every few days while Lisa helps Rachel with things around the house or takes her shopping. The whole experience has strengthened the relationship between Rachel and her parents, as well.

Right at Home provides numerous companionship and housekeeping services to Rachel, including:


“Louise is an absolute star who consistently goes the extra mile. She is calm and efficient and happy to deal with whatever arises. She has formed a real bond with mum and I have every confidence in her – she has not only made my mother’s life considerably easier and more content but mine too, as she has saved me from hours of worrying!”