Companionship / homemaking

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Often a smiling, helpful professional care provider is all that is needed to get the day started off just right. For early birds, assistance with showering, a medication reminder, preparing a good breakfast, and taking a walk while having a cheerful conversation can all help a loved one to continue to thrive while living independently at home.

Some may prefer assistance later in the day, desiring socialisation and support around the evening meal. Whatever the case, a little structure in each day helps people to feel more positive about their lives, and scheduling daily tasks, as well as fun and stimulating activities, is essential to fostering independence and maintaining cognitive abilities.

For those whose loved ones live remotely or have limited opportunity to visit, a Right at Home companion would be just the right person to help fill the hours at home during the week by building an enjoyable, positive and meaningful relationship with a new client and friend. Their "fun" could be happy chatter while baking, talking about current events, keeping up on favourite sporting events, having a cup of tea and reminiscing.  Some examples of the many things we do:

Experience shows us that our clients look forward to and enjoy the time spent with their companion. For those needing a higher level of physical assistance, our personal care services may be appropriate. Whether we are providing companion care, personal care, or any of our specialised care services, our goal is to help every client have a good day, every day.

If you would like to learn more about Right at Home's companion care services, please call us at 01 495 4030 or contact us and we will be glad to help.

"The service I've received from Right at Home has been excellent; the staff always listen and really do fulfill their promise to go the extra mile. Their dedication is excellent."