Right at Home provides numerous care services to loved ones who have a spinal cord injury and need a wheelchair for daily living. Our carers can help someone adjust to a new living situation directly after a spinal cord injury. They can also continue to assist with any household and personal care tasks that are complicated by an injury.

Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Information and Resources

  • In the UK every year, there are around 1200 people paralysed from a spinal cord injury. There are currently thought to be approximately 40,000 people in the UK living with paralysis. This statistic only shows the people who have been through a spinal cord injury centre, and does not include those who have suffered paralysis and been treated in a general hospital.
  • In the UK, a person is paralysed every 8 hours.
  • In the UK, it is estimated that the current annual cost of caring for people paralysed by spinal cord injury is more than £500 million.
  • 79% of people discharged from Spinal Cord Injury Centres are able to return to their own homes.
  • Around 20% of patients leave Spinal Cord Injury Centres clinically depressed.
  • For information on living with spinal injuries, visit The Spinal Injuries Association website.


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