Our support staff

Behind the scenes we understand it is crucial that our clients, their families and our staff receive the very best support and expertise from our office.

This is why all our Care Managers and Care Co-ordinators are chosen for their friendly and approachable 'can do' attitude, as well as their professionalism and experience in the field.

When a client is unwell, we know that emotional and moral support for them and their family can be just as important as the specialist care knowledge required to promote their return to good health, so we always keep in close contact with concerned family and friends.

And we realise that good day-to-day communication is vital to give families and loved ones peace of mind, which is why all daily records and communication sheets are kept easily accessible in the clients' home.

Carers also need support, and our staff are given regular confidential supervision sessions as well as 24/7 mobile phone access to an experienced member of the care team, so help and advice is never more than a phone call away.


“Louise is an absolute star who consistently goes the extra mile. She is calm and efficient and happy to deal with whatever arises. She has formed a real bond with mum and I have every confidence in her – she has not only made my mother’s life considerably easier and more content but mine too, as she has saved me from hours of worrying!”