female carer playing a game with a senior male outside at a table female carer playing a game with a senior male outside at a table

A Growing Market

The home care industry is still in its infancy. Within the last couple of decades, the population of the Irish aged 65 and older has started to increase at rates never before seen. That growth will not only continue, it will explode. There are two reasons for this. First, Baby Boomers – the largest section of the Irish population – are simply getting older. And people aren't just growing older. They're living longer thanks to an increased commitment to health and wellness, as well as the advancement of medicine. As a result, the average life expectancy continues to lengthen. Since 1960, the average life expectancy has increased by ten years for females and fourteen years for males. This increased life expectancy will lead to a larger population of seniors, many of whom will need assistance in order to remain independent.
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The changing demographics is putting pressure on our health system. The Minister told the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children that hospitals are under particular pressure because the population is continuing to grow and age. "Each year an additional 20,000 people are added to the total of those aged over 65 years. To meet these demands in an environment of reduced resources, we must change the way we manage and deliver our services." The governments Primary Care strategy is seeking to address this through an increased focus on services in the community which includes enhanced non-medical home care services.  

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Home Care Sector

Why home care? There are very few industries that show as much stability in the present and potential for growth in the future.

Healthcare Dominates the Future

It is predicted that Healthcare will generate more new jobs (wage and salary) over the next decade than any other industry.

Recession Resistant

Baby Boomers are one of the most independent groups of people in our country's history. They also have a higher life expectancy than any generation before them. Put simply, they will live longer. And as they age, they will do almost anything to retain their independence for as long as possible.

Technology Resistant

While technology plays a role in Right at Home, caregiving is our basic service. Care cannot be automated or provided through the Internet. Many other businesses require frequent upgrades and a significant investment in technology. Senior care's most important business asset is its people.

Ongoing Business and Repeat Referrals

Senior care is not transactional. It's relational. Our services are ongoing. They're based on trust and your ability to meet your client's needs.

Many of your clients will be referrals from elder care professionals. Once you demonstrate reliability, dedication and compassion, they will continue to refer other clients to your business.

Unexpected Benefits

Unlike many franchise opportunities, senior care offers benefits well beyond the possibility of monetary growth. This isn't just an investment in a business. It's also an investment in your community and your personal fulfillment.

You provide better lives.

When you leave your office in the evening, you haven't just made some money. You've made someone's day. Senior care helps an ageing population remain independent. Your care – and the resulting independence – is often the difference between someone feeling happiness rather than helplessness.

You provide stability.

Family relationships are fragile. When something changes, it can often upset the balance of the entire unit. When someone has a condition that requires Right at Home's services, the entire family is affected. Your presence and services can make a difficult situation easier for the entire family.

You provide fulfilling employment.

Most franchises create jobs. You create meaningful jobs. You're not just helping your employees put food on the table. You're providing a sense of accomplishment to those who are able to enrich the lives of others. You're also putting money into your community so that it can grow and thrive.


Right at Home Ireland invites you to review the most recent international reports on home care, ageing, global health, and disease research.  You will see the need for the kinds of services that Right at Home can provide to an ever increasing population of aging Irish. 
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