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A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Right at Home Companionship and HomemakingOften a smiling, helpful professional care provider is all that is needed to get the day started off just right. For early birds, assistance with showering, a medication reminder, preparing a good breakfast, and taking a walk while having a cheerful conversation can all help a loved one to continue to thrive while living independently at home.

Some may prefer assistance later in the day, desiring socialisation and support around the evening meal. Whatever the case, a little structure in each day helps people to feel more positive about their lives, and scheduling daily tasks, as well as fun and stimulating activities, is essential to fostering independence and maintaining cognitive abilities.

For those whose loved ones live remotely or have limited opportunity to visit, a Right at Home companion would be just the right person to help fill the hours at home during the week by building an enjoyable, positive and meaningful relationship with a new client and friend. Their "fun" could be happy chatter while baking, talking about current events, keeping up on favourite sporting events, having a cup of tea and reminiscing.  Some examples of the many things we do:

  • Light housekeeping tasks
  • Plan the weekly menu and make the shopping list together
  • Meal preparation
  • Monitor diet and nutrition
  • Fun things like help writing letters or emails to friends and relatives
  • Care for house plants and pets

Experience shows us that our clients look forward to and enjoy the time spent with their companion. For those needing a higher level of physical assistance, our personal care services may be appropriate. Whether we are providing companion care, personal care, or any of our specialised care services, our goal is to help every client have a good day, every day.

If you would like to learn more about Right at Home's companion care services, please call us at 01 495 4030 or contact us and we will be glad to help.

Companionship Care and Homemaking

Companion Care and Homemaking from Right at Home | In Home Care & Assistance

Help You Need, Right at Home

Maybe you’ve noticed Mum and Dad’s house starting to decline: counters are dirty, shelves undusted. Or perhaps your sister’s health is waning; she’s growing older and forgets to take her medications. Whatever the signs, you’re beginning to wonder if your loved one needs help around the house. Companionship care and homemaking offer just that: nonclinical assistance for those who need it, without leaving the comfort of home.

What Is Companionship Care and Homemaking?

From doing the laundry and taking out the rubbish to reading out loud or playing cards, professionals in companionship care and homemaking serve as another body within the home. They’re available to help remind patients when to take their medications, keep up around the house and even drive someone to a hair appointment. Both services differ slightly in how they work.

Companionship Care

The purpose of companionship care is to offer company and friendship. Companions may help with certain household chores, such as laying out towels before a shower, but their primary purpose is to spend time with the patient. Grown children may want to hire companions to keep an eye on their ageing parents, for example. Some of the services offered by companionship care include:

  • Transportation
  • Reading a book aloud
  • Playing games
  • Accompanying the patient for a walk outside
  • Letter writing
  • Monitoring the home


Think of homemaking as an addition to companionship care. With a homemaker, patients will receive all the benefits of a companion—such as transportation—but with added bonuses. Homemaking extends to include tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even grocery shopping. Some of the services offered by homemaking include:

  • Laundry
  • Cooking
  • Taking out the bins
  • Light housekeeping
  • Organisation
  • Respite care

Cheaper Than Home Health Aides

Companionship care and homemaking do not include personal, hands-on care. For example, companions cannot help patients bathe or take their medications. Instead, they can prepare the bath and remind patients to take their medications. Most states require additional licensing for personal, hands-on care.

Therefore, hiring companions or homemakers will cost less than hiring a home health aide, who undergoes additional training and needs a state license to provide hands-on care. The difference in cost can run 4-5 less per hour.

Benefits of Companionship Care and Homemaking

From taking away loneliness to ensuring proper nutrition, companionship care and homemaking have many benefits for patients. If you suspect your loved one isn’t eating well, for example, having a homemaker available to cook nutritious meals can turn around your family member’s health.

Companionship Care from Right at Home | In Home Care and AssistanceHere are just a few of the benefits these services offer:

  • Mental (cognitive) stimulation
  • Increased mobility due to transportation services
  • Socialisation
  • Improvement in health, both physical and mental
  • Safety supervision

We Can Help

When you call Right at Home, one of our professionals will visit your loved one’s house and provide a free assessment to determine your needs. Our professionals are very flexible and will partner with your family to determine the best schedule for companionship care and homemaking visits. Curious to see how we can support your loved one in the comfort of his or her home? Contact us today.

Getting Started
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